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Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking Policy

TechForGood 2023


This Modern Slavery Policy and Human Trafficking policy outlines the commitment of TechForGood in identifying, preventing, and mitigating the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chain. We recognize that modern slavery is a global issue that affects millions of people and that we have a responsibility to take action to prevent it.


This policy applies to all of our employees, suppliers, contractors, and partners who work with us to provide our e Commerce technology products and services. We expect all of our stakeholders to comply with this policy and support our efforts to prevent modern slavery.

Policy Statement

  1. We will not tolerate any form of modern slavery, human trafficking, or forced labour in our operations or supply chain. We will take all necessary steps to prevent and address any instances of modern slavery that we become aware of.
  2. We will carry out due diligence on our suppliers to assess the risks of modern slavery in our supply chain. We will prioritize high-risk suppliers and work with them to ensure they meet our ethical standards.We will terminate relationships with suppliers who fail to comply with our policies and standards.
  3. We will provide training to our employees and suppliers to raise awareness of modern slavery, its impact, and how to report any suspected instances. We will maintain effective communication channels to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and our expectations.
  4. We will monitor our operations and supply chain to identify any signs of modern slavery or human trafficking. We will investigate any reports of suspected modern slavery and take appropriate action to address any issues identified.
  5. We will report on our efforts to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our operations and supply chain. We will be transparent about any risks identified, actions taken, and progress made to prevent modern slavery.
  6. We will collaborate with other businesses, civil society organizations, and governments to prevent and address modern slavery. We will support efforts to improve legal and regulatory frameworks to prevent modern slavery and hold those who engage in it accountable.


We are committed to preventing modern slavery in our operations and supply chain. We recognize that preventing modern slavery requires ongoing effort and collaboration with all stakeholders. We will continue to assess our operations and supply chain to identify and mitigate risks and take action to prevent modern slavery.